Our Candidacy


Presentation of more detailed plans for World Expo 2025 Baku

Representatives of the World Expo 2025 Baku Bid Committee present plans outlined in the Bid Dossier to the BIE General Assembly in Paris on 15 November. 

Official Bid Dossier submitted

Elchin Amirbayov, Head of Azerbaijan’s delegation to the BIE, submitted the World Expo 2025 Baku Bid Dossier to Dimitri Kerkentzes, Deputy Secretary General of the BIE, in Paris on 27 September.

Presentation of initial plans for World Expo 2025 Baku

Elchin Amirbayov, Head of Azerbaijan’s delegation to the BIE, presented initial plans for World Expo 2025 Baku to the BIE General Assembly, in Paris on 14 June. The project examination phase culminates in November 2018 with the election of the World Expo 2025 host city.

Candidacy submitted

On 18 May, Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, submitted Baku’s official letter of candidacy to host World Expo 2025. The other three candidates are Paris, France; Osaka, Japan; and Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Logic Behind Our Logo

Our brand forms part of an extended identity that includes distinctive typography and a culturally relevant colour palette – red, blue and green – the colours of our national flag.

Our logo is built from the tiers of humanity – individual, collective, and global; and then split into Baku-centric shapes: Land of Fire, Caspian Sea, and Connecting People. 

Our Brochure

Azerbaijan embraces the World Expo philosophy, and our values and history fit closely with those of the Expo movement. We are a proudly multiconfessional and multicultural country. For centuries, Azerbaijan has been at the crossroads of continents and civilizations, bringing together people from all backgrounds.

World Expo 2025 Baku is an innovative and competitive project proposing two new major elements: an under-explored universal theme of human capital, which has never been tackled by previous Expos, and an alternative World Expo destination.

A modernizing country with a rich culture, Azerbaijan will bring the nations of the world together to explore how human ability can be best applied to make a world a better place to live.

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