Young Azerbaijani Entrepreneur Highlighted by BBC

The BBC has released a list of the 100 most inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2018. Reyhan Jamalova, a student and entrepreneur from Azerbaijan, features on the list.

Just 16 years old, Reyhan is the founder and CEO of Rainergy, a company that harvests energy from rainwater, taking an entirely new approach in the vital field of renewable energy. Earlier this year Reyhan was named in Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under-30.

More than 65% of Azerbaijanis are under-40 and almost 30% are under-20 and through consistent spending on education the country has achieved literacy levels of more than 99%. The young people of Azerbaijan passionately support the Bid to host World Expo in 2025. They have strongly embraced its theme, Developing Human Capital, Building a Better Future, because of the possibilities it presents to them and future generations. Reyhan is a member of the Group of 25. They are 25 inspiring young people who have championed the Bid across Azerbaijan and the world in the last year.