Expo Faces: Zara Huseynova, Award-winning Social Entrepreneur

‘Expo Faces’ is a series of stories looking at the faces and voices of people across Azerbaijan who support Baku’s bid to host World Expo 2025. Today we hear from Zara Huseynova, who is the Founder and CEO of WoWoman 

My name is Zara and I’m the Founder and CEO of WoWoman, a platform that empowers women by providing the space and tools that they need to be able to achieve their goals. Since its creation it has hosted more than 200 events and 40 programmes and has won 3 international awards. 

It is important to be able to give women and young girls the opportunity to develop the skills they need to fulfill their potentials. WoWoman has hosted projects such as coding schools that aim to attract more women to the IT sector, by teaching them the hard skills that they need to be able to develop. I am eager to encourage young girls and women from around the world to develop themselves, and have spoken at many events including One Young World in the Hague and TEDx in Germany. 

I believe that Expo 2025 Baku’s theme of ‘Developing Human Capital, Building A Better Future’ is crucial for us to understand how to provide people with the training and skills they need to benefit their lives and society. It would be a great opportunity for the world to discuss how we can improve access for women in areas such as IT and business and how to provide equal opportunities for them in the workplace.