UN World Cities Day Highlights Sustainable Urban Development

Today is UN World Cities Day which promotes the international community’s interest in global urbanization, encouraging cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing the challenges of city living. It also highlights the requirement for sustainable urban development.

Baku is a rapidly growing city and its existing development plans accommodate the needs of the increasing population in a sustainable manner. If Baku is awarded the right to host World Expo 2025, those plans will be accelerated in a coastal area west of the centre, close to the airport and between two growing suburbs. Working to a highly advanced masterplan, the area will be integrated into the city’s excellent transport network and a combination of Expo site and surrounding parkland will be created. World Expo 2025’s legacy will be a place for the city’s population to live, work and play: civic amenities, affordable housing and green space are crucial parts of the development.  

The general theme for the annual UN observance of World Cities Day is Better City, Better Life and each year a different sub-theme is selected. This year’s theme is Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities, something Azerbaijan is achieving for its capital.