Baku International Humanitarian Forum hosts 75 countries

The 6th Baku International Humanitarian Forum begins in the Azerbaijan capital today, its overall purpose is to define a strategy for global issues, amongst them universal human rights, sustainable development and multiculturalism.

The event, which takes place every two years, has grown since the inaugural forum in 2011 when 20 countries were represented. This year representatives of 75 countries will join in discussions relating to Shaping a New World and a New Humanity: Creativity & Human Development. It’s a matter which echoes the theme of World Expo 2025 Baku, Developing human capital, building a better future, at a moment when human capital finds itself in the spotlight following the recent launch of the Human Capital Index by the World Bank. 

Azerbaijan is a recognised for its multiculturalism. Its determination to strengthen its multicultural traditions can be seen in the establishment of the International Centre for Multiculturalism in 2014 and the declaration of the Year of Multiculturalism in 2016. The country has hosted numerous international events on tolerance and humanitarian cooperation. It was in 2008 that the President of Azerbaijan put forward the now famous ‘Baku Process’ aimed at developing dialogue and cooperation among all people and cultures.