Expo Faces: Javanshir Bayramov, Linguist

‘Expo Faces’ is a series of stories looking at the faces and voices of people across Azerbaijan who support Baku’s bid to host World Expo 2025. Today we hear from Javanshir Bayramov (23)

My name is Javanshir and I have recently graduated from Baku Engineering University with a degree in International Relations. I am also an Emergency Team Volunteer for the International Red Cross and a Young European Ambassador for EU Neighbours East.

Whether I am representing Azerbaijan internationally at the European Youth Parliament, participating in youth projects or teaching children in schools, my aim is to help both my local and the global community so that people can reach their full potential. I enjoy connecting with people and can speak 5 languages, including German and Serbo-Croatian, and would like to learn more so I can help in the development of people and communities wherever I am in the world.

If Baku is chosen to host Expo 2025 it would open up many opportunities for Azerbaijanis, from developing industries to building bridges between Azerbaijanis and international cultures. I would most look forward to meeting and helping Expo 2025 Baku’s global visitors and learning about their countries, and finding out how we can work together to build a better future for the world.