Young Azerbaijani Athletes Compete in Argentina

The Youth Olympics Games is taking place in Buenos Aries, Argentina, and runs until October 18. Azerbaijan is well represented by a team of 11 athletes competing in sports including boxing, gymnastics and table tennis.

Sports play a growing role in Azerbaijan’s national life, especially amongst young people. The country has invested heavily in human capital, across many areas, including education, health and sports. In this way, more and more people have been exposed to sports, have found their passion and found the facilities and expertise available for them to pursue excellence. Also, Azerbaijan has become an experienced host of many top-flight international sporting events, amongst them the European Games, the Islamic Games and the World Cup Gymnastics Final. The legacy of these meetings has been to encourage the uptake of sports in the country. Additionally, Azerbaijan has a young population: more than 65% are under-40 and almost 30% are under-20.

The country’s youthful demographic passionately supports the Bid to host World Expo 2025, believing in the life-changing possibilities it represents to them and future generations.