Just 50 Days to go Before World Expo 2025 Host City is Elected

With 50 days to go, below are five reasons why Baku is the right city to host the World Expo in 2025:

  1. A Theme of Global ConcernDeveloping human capital, building a better future, never before explored at World Expo and never more relevant.
  2. For All Nations, For All People – a World Expo in Azerbaijan will bring all nations together to focus on the importance of people, their talents, their health and their work.
  3. Powered by Youth – the possibilities are life-changing for Azerbaijan’s young population and for future generations everywhere.
  4. A Destination of Increasing Popularity – Baku’s tourist numbers have increases by 20% for the last three years. This testifies not only to the excellent visitor experience but also to the fact that Baku is an affordable destination too.
  5. New Destination, New Audiences, New Opportunities – World Expo 2025 Baku would be the first held in Eastern Europe where a potential untapped audience of 200 million people live within two hours flying time.