Azerbaijan’s Azerspace-2 satellite successfully sent into orbit

Azercosmos’s Intelsat 38 and Azerspace-2 satellite was launched today from Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana. It is the second satellite that Azercosmos has launched after Azerspace-1 in 2013.

The satellite will provide enhanced coverage to Africa, Europe, Central and South Asia and the Middle East to meet increasing demand for Direct-to-Home television, government and network services. Azerspace-2 will also deliver cross connectivity between East, West and Central Africa, Europe and Central Asia.

Azerbaijan is currently developing in areas outside of the oil sector, including the space industry. Azerspace-2 will increase the coverage currently available from Azerspace-1, and will continue to deliver the same reliable service as its predecessor to four continents. Azercosmos is the only satellite operator in the Caucasus region and aims to become one of the leading providers in Eurasia and Africa.

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