Students Return as Academic Attainment Increases

A record 40,806 students have started their studies in Azerbaijan as the academic year begins. And the students’ entrance examination results have improved again in 2018, across all levels of attainment. More than 50% of those who took the entrance exams exceeded the pass mark of 200- points, while those at the very top who exceeded the 600-point mark increased by more than 80% and those who exceeded the 700-point mark increased by almost 50%.   

At the heart of Baku’s Bid to host World Expo 2025 is the theme of Developing Human Capital, building a better future and its sub-theme, Talent, the Future of Education.

Jaserat Valehli, theme leader for the Future of Education, says:

“One of the main tasks set in the State Strategy for Education is to develop human capital. Natural resources are beneficial to a country. But the key factors as a country moves towards development are literacy, knowledge, technologies and innovation. And these come from education.”

Azerbaijan has invested heavily in its young population through education and now achieves adult literacy rates above 99%.