International Day for South-South Cooperation

Today is the United Nations’ International Day for South-South Cooperation, a day which celebrates solidarity with and amongst the nations of the south.

World Expo 2025 Baku applauds the efforts of developing countries in sharing knowledge and resources in their efforts to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

With a long history of active involvement in the global South, Azerbaijan’s President, Mr Ilham Aliyev, was awarded the South-South Award for his contributions in the improvement of the welfare of the population, improving education and overturning poverty.

That experience helped drive Baku’s theme Developing Human Capital, Building a Better Future. As a developing country, Azerbaijan has collaborated with and in latter years provided assistance for many in the global South. The masterplan for Baku’s World Expo site has been designed to create communities of collaboration which, combined with the planned package of assistance for developing countries, fulfils our ambition of being a universal World Expo – relevant for all nations and all people.