Baku Represents an Affordable World Expo

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) cost of living data for 2018 indicates Baku represents significant economic value to its visitors.

World Expo 2025 Baku has already announced that up to 90 participants will benefit from an all-inclusive Package of Assistance for Developing Countries (PADC) and the EIU’s cost of living data suggests the value of these assistance packages will stretch further in Baku.  The price of electricity, electronic goods, food and beverage plus accommodation indicates great value in Baku – increasing the value of the PADC in real terms.

As a developing country, once the recipient of aid and now an emerging donor with many humanitarian and development assistance projects implemented globally, Azerbaijan is confident, from the EIU cost analysis, that their PADC delivers a large economic incentive.  Even those who do not qualify for assistance will find their budgets go further in terms of set-up, running their programmes, staffing and accommodation.