10 Reasons Why Baku

  1. Azerbaijan’s economic strength and stability will ensure the success of World Expo 2025.
  2. Baku is increasingly experienced and expert at hosting high-profile international events.
  3. World Expo 2025 has been designated a national project which is why Baku is the only capital city to bid for World Expo 2025.
  4. New destination and new audience: World Expo 2025 Baku would be the first to be held in the Eastern European region.
  5. The theme, Developing human capital, building a better future is of global concern and has never before been explored at a World Expo.
  6. Powered by youth: one of the youngest demographics of recent World Expo bid cities, over 65% of its population is under 40.
  7. Good connectivity: Baku’s multi-award winning 5-star airport has direct links with 50 international destinations, 100 by 2025.
  8. World Expo 2025 Baku will accelerate the transformation of Azerbaijan and the region, driving market and development opportunities as well as increasing knowledge, in skills and in business.
  9. The 295-hectare site is government-owned, financially guaranteed and ready for development. Not a single person, family or business need be moved to make way for its creation.
  10. Sustainable legacy: a valuable addition to the great Expo parks of the past, the world’s newest urban park will be a place for relaxation, recreation and for the protection of the natural ecosystem.