Expo Faces: Rena Abdullayeva, Theme Leader for Achievement

‘Expo Faces’ is a series of stories looking at the faces and voices of people across Azerbaijan who support Baku’s bid to host World Expo 2025. Today we hear from Rena Abdullayeva, who is the official Expo 2025 Baku Theme Leader for ‘Achievement – the Future of Work’.

How to develop human capital globally through increasing labour productivity and training is important to me as Theme Leader for ‘Achievement – the Future of Work’.

I have held many positions in the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan, where I am currently Deputy Head of Employment Policy and Demography. My experience includes preparing the country’s new Employment Strategy and taking part in projects with the World Bank, the UNDP and the UNFPA.

‘Achievement – the Future of Work’ is a crucial area for discussion to make sure that we are training people with the right skills to meet future demands. The diversification of Azerbaijan’s economy will create new jobs in sectors such as IT, design, transport, agriculture, hospitality and tourism, and it is important that we develop people with the training they need so that they can reach their potential, both in Azerbaijan and around the world.

I hope that we can continue this discussion at World Expo 2025 Baku.