Expo Faces: Farid Ismayilzada, Entrepreneur and Innovator

‘Expo Faces’ is a series of articles looking at the faces and voices of people across Azerbaijan who support Baku’s bid to host World Expo 2025. Today we hear from Farid Ismayilzada, the founder of GoldenPay and several technology startups.

My name is Farid Ismayilzada and I am the founder of GoldenPay, the largest online payment provider in Azerbaijan, giving people the ability to perform cashless transactions for their security and safety. I have also held positions as chairman of the ICT Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan, and as a member of its Board of Directors.

As someone who has launched several successful technology startups in Baku, I know how vital it is that governments and organisations support and encourage innovation.

I believe that Expo 2025 Baku would be an excellent opportunity to drive startup growth and promote technology and innovation here in Baku. I am also really interested in how our sub-theme, Achievement: the Future of Work, will provide a platform for the world to discuss how we can support current and future entrepreneurs and innovators so that they can continue to benefit society.