Securing Baku’s Reputation in Architectural Innovation

The site for World Expo 2025 Baku Azerbaijan has been designed to embrace our recent history of visually striking architecture – from the Heydar Aliyev Centre to the Flame Towers - while enhancing the visitor experience.

Arriving through a parkland environment, visitors will enter under one of three huge arches related to our three sub themes of Talent, Vitality and Achievement. There will be performance areas and a partially-covered amphitheatre for 25,000 people. The pavilions themselves will be arranged thematically and in clusters, reflecting the country’s culture and reminiscent of the old city of Baku.

The site draws on Azerbaijan’s history as a Silk Road meeting place, encouraging collaboration. A designated national project, the site’s design takes the shape of an eight-pointed star – the national emblem of Azerbaijan. Geometric patterns from our world famous carpet designs have been used for the layout of the pavilions.

The public plaza and the Azerbaijan National Pavilion will be at the heart of the site. The national pavilion is inspired by the geometry of the petal arrangements on a flower. It will be as spectacular as Baku’s famous, award-winning modern skyline.