Expo Faces: Nurkhan Babayev, Future Leader

‘Expo Faces’ is a series of articles looking at the faces and voices of people across Azerbaijan who support Baku’s bid to host World Expo 2025. Today we hear from Nurkhan Babayev (23), who is a Master of Public Policy.

My name is Nurkhan and I have just completed my Master's degree in Public Policy at ADA University. In addition to being a member of the Group of 25, I am an Executive Director in the Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union and a Young European Ambassador in Azerbaijan.

My aspiration is to use my studies and become a public servant in Azerbaijan. I have written an article about the importance of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan, published in 21 countries, and I hope to promote strong relations with the rest of the world.

I think that our focus on Developing Human Capital at Expo 2025 Baku is an important topic for all countries across the globe, but most importantly for Azerbaijan and developing nations. We need to use technology, innovation and education to develop and support future generations and society.