CNN Visits Sheki on the Silk Road

In a recent article, CNN explored one of Azerbaijan’s ancient cities on the Silk Road, Sheki. Highlighting the important location of Azerbaijan at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, the article explores how the traditions and beauty of the northern city have been shaped by its history.

Sheki is one of Azerbaijan’s most picturesque towns, high in the Caucasus mountains and famous for the Palace of Sheki Khans and old caravanserais – where traders would stop on their route. It is also a region of tolerance and diversity, with many churches and mosques including the nearby Church of Kish, completed in the first century CE. When visiting Sheki, it is impossible to leave without trying local specialities of piti and halva or without purchasing souvenirs including silk, ceramics and samovars.

Expo 2025 Baku encourages you to visit this historic town when you next travel to Azerbaijan. Read the article in full, here.