Head of State Tourism Agency and Board interviewed by Forbes

Fuad Naghiyev, the head of Azerbaijan’s State Tourism Agency and Board, spoke with Forbes this month about fulfilling Azerbaijan’s touristic potential.

In Naghiyev’s opinion, one of Azerbaijan’s greatest attractions is the range of experiences which tourists can enjoy – from culinary traditions and cultural tours to luxury shopping and beautiful hiking trails. He notes the benefit of tourism to the local economy through job creation as well as increased incomes and wealth for the local population.

Azerbaijan is working to diversify its economy, including into the tourism sector amongst others. To support this effort, new easy to use e-visas have been put in place and there are plans to extend direct airline connections to 100 countries by 2025. In 2017, over 2.5 million tourists visited Azerbaijan, and visitor numbers are expected to rise this year, with a 10% increase already reported from January to June of 2018.

If successful in the upcoming vote in November, Expo 2025 Baku expects to welcome 5.2 million international visitors to the event.