Unique Site Design Comes to Life in a New Video

World Expo 2025 Baku Azerbaijan has released a new video giving viewers the opportunity to explore the innovative vision for the Expo site and to spot the unique Azerbaijani features which have been incorporated into the design.

The video reveals the three thematic boulevards which identify with each of the Expo subthemes: Vitality: the Future of Health; Talent: The Future of Education; Achievement: The Future of Work. The three boulevards converge in Azerbaijan’s National pavilion – whose inventive design will add to Baku’s growing reputation as a centre of architectural achievement.

The site draws upon Azerbaijan’s traditions and symbols to create a unique and engaging space. Pavilions and performance spaces are grouped together around courtyards, much like traditional caravanserais, in order to promote dialogue and exchange. Meanwhile, the site design incorporates a chequered pattern of structures and plazas which has taken inspiration from traditional carpet weaves and also makes use of Azerbaijan’s 8-pointed star, when seen from above.

Watch the video here in full.