Representing Azerbaijan’s Youth at the BIE in Paris

Maryam Majidova (24) is a member of the Group of 25, who are 25 young Azerbaijanis championing Baku’s bid to host World Expo 2025. She writes about her experience with the Azerbaijani delegation to the BIE as they presented the bid in Paris last week.

I was very excited. I had been asked to take part in the Azerbaijani delegation, led by PM Novruz Mammadov, as we presented to the BIE at the 163rd General Assembly in Paris and I hoped to do my best to represent all young people across Azerbaijan. Since the age of 15, I have been passionate about playing my part in the global community and in my work as Secretary General of the National Assembly of Youth Organisations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I have had the honour to represent Azerbaijan at events held in over 37 countries. To be part of this prestigious and important moment for my country was an experience that I will never forget.

During the days that we were in Paris, we were busy rehearsing and attending meetings, connecting with people from across the world. It was very important to me that I could help share the story of Azerbaijan and to talk about all the talented and passionate young people we have who want to bring the world together to make a positive difference.

My favourite moment was sitting right in front of the stage as we made our presentation. I was proud to be able to show all in the room that we may be the geographically smallest of the three competing nations, but we have the capability, the vision – and the most passion – to tell a new story at World Expo 2025. I hope that countries will vote for us in November and join us in Baku in 2025!